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Portorož Business Conference or What I Should’ve Asked Joschka Fischer

Objavil mare, dne 19.11.2007


Last week IMB took us to Portorož Business Conference to get a feeling how things work out there. Here’s how it went …

We arrived in Portorož only on Friday morning, missing the big party, because last generation made such a wonderful impression on everyone there. ;) We were told to wear suits and I guess I’ll have to get used to that A.S.A.P. I still feel kind of strange wearing that, you know. I mean, I’m 23 … I can be without a toilet & shower for 1 month without any problems and now I’m supposed to walk around in a suit? :)

From Portorož Busi…

Well anyway, this day the conference started with India. There was also a round table, moderated by Jan Svejnar, also our professor and perhaps the next president of the Czech Republic. It was interesting, I guess … it’s just that somehow I couldn’t concentrate. The Bora wind was blowing and there was absolutely nothing I could do! O man, this is not happening to me …

From Portorož Busi…

The most important thing was the speech of Joschka Fischer, professor at Princeton University and former Foreign Minister of Germany, entitled “USA between Europe and Asia”. He was brilliant, I tell you that. There’s a Slovenian summary available here, but to make it short: EU will need to have one united foreign policy in order to stay on the world map. Again, he’s speech was really something amazing, he does know what he is talking about and also knows how to present it in a clear and funny way … respect!!!


At the end we could ask questions and here is where I froze (as everybody else). What I should’ve asked the guy is the following:

“Firstly, let me just say you had a tremendous speech … You were talking a lot about messages we give to other countries. You were also discussing the danger in Iran that wants to become a nuclear power. However, we also know that not all nuclear powers are actually abandoning their nuclear programmes. Taking all this into account my first question would be: In your opinion, what messages are we giving to these countries? And secondly, what defines a country’s right to be a nuclear power in your opinion? Thank you so much for your answers and again for your brilliant speech!”

So yeah, this is what I wanted to ask him, but didn’t have the guts. Or was it better to be quiet?

Here’s the gallery.


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